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“Waiting for You”

Ma doesn't come in my dreams. She absolutely refused in the initial months after her death in August 2016. Then she relented a little. Came in all about 5 times in my dreams - 5 [...]

Of Buggies & Feisty Oldies

Gelderlandplein 10 Dec 2016 - For quite a while after my daughter Srishti’s birth, my life centred round GELDERLANDPLEIN, the local mall in our neighbourhood in South Amsterdam, a mere 8-minute walk from our building. [...]

Dear Anna

27 Mar 2019: Many happy returns of the day, Anna! You always remember to forget my birthday - I thought of reminding that to you on yours! I feel a dull ache within me every [...]

A Different Kind of Holi

24 Mar 2019: So what I was in hospital? I was made to play holi, too! The photo you see was taken on the 21st. I was very unwell throughout January this year and was [...]

The New Fotolab

8 Mar 2019: They are a perfect pair. They complement each other and are a study in contrast: she flaunts her white hair, he dyes it black; she means business at all hours, he loves [...]

My Matrilineal Inheritance

3 Mar 2019: This photograph, taken in October 2003, is one of my most precious possessions. On the right is Dida - feisty, resilient, impish; on the left, Ma - selfless, honest, hopelessly romantic. Dida [...]

The Sky Above Us

24 Nov 2018: For 9 years, we lived in a huge apartment in Amsterdam - 5 of them with Srishti. It was on the 7th floor of a tall residential building in the district of [...]

‘Meshomoshai’ & His New Neices

17 Nov 2018: My widowed father's new household is filled with abandoned women (incidentally, all from Bangladesh and all residing in Dattapukur). They numbered three at one point. Now there are two. One cooks, the [...]

All That Glitters is Gold (& Diamond)!

10 Nov 2018: What jewellery did you buy this Pujo/ Dhanteras/ Diwali? None? Not even with all the discounts? - "25% off on making charge", "50% off..." on something else. Too bad! Has no husband/ [...]

Amader Baul

4 Nov 2018: He still comes twice a month - ektara in hand, dishevelled hair tied back in a jumbled knot, beard flowing down to his chest, clad in a 'gerua' punjabi and dhoti, with [...]