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Experiencing Pain at Seven

12 Nov 2019 - Srishti was very sad today. Her 1st best friend broke up with her 2nd best friend in school. She tried to patch up the “brokening”. It didn’t work. At first, I [...]

No ‘Nari Shakti’ please!

20 Sept 2019 - Ma Durga is coming to town... how do you know? You have hoardings everywhere of Sourav Ganguly sharing banner space with the latest Tollywood beauties (and MPs) who (try to) impersonate [...]

Kajal di

5 Sept 2019 - When I joined Presidency College in November 1992, as a student of English Honours, I had joined with my own baggage of historical knowledge about the institution. I knew all about [...]

Srishti’s Summer

23 June 2019 - Srishti had a filmi summer. Five weeks of being mostly in Kolkata in this sweltering heat meant being indoors for at least half the day. She did get to “explore” her [...]

Doctor & Patient

8 June 2019 - He comes punctually at 9 am at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) office in Kankurgachi - Ward no. 32, under Borough III. He has been a ‘Medical Officer’ since 2006, though [...]

Chumki Maima

7 June 2019 - Today a childhood memory of mine suddenly re-surfaced - that of a wedding I had attended in early June 1983. It was the wedding of one of my mother’s cousins - [...]

An Aspirational Family

6 June 2019 - Kabita comes to look after my child leaving her own. My daughter is 7, her son 9. Mine goes to Calcutta International School, the first international school in the city (est.1953); [...]

Udichi Old Age Home

14 May 2019 - Everyone who could, has left. Almost all the children. More than half of the 32 flats of UDICHI - the ‘Co-operative Housing Society’ in Kankurgachi, North Kolkata, where my sister and [...]

“Waiting for You”

11 May 2019 - Ma doesn't come in my dreams. She absolutely refused in the initial months after her death in August 2016. Then she relented a little. Came in all about 5 times in [...]

Of Buggies & Feisty Oldies

10 Dec 2016 - Gelderlandplein For quite a while after my daughter Srishti’s birth, my life centred round GELDERLANDPLEIN, the local mall in our neighbourhood in South Amsterdam, a mere 8-minute walk from our building. [...]