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Ray’s Films in Posters

Pather Panchali (Song of the Road, 1955)Aparajito (The Unvanquished, 1956)Parash Pathar (The Philosopher’s Stone, 1958)Jalsaghar (The Music Room, 1958)Apur Sansar (The World of Apu, 1959)Devi (The Goddess, 1960)Teen Kanya (Three Daughters, 1961)Kanchanjangha (1962)Mahanagar (The Great [...]

Shyam Benegal’s documentary on Satyajit Ray (1984)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzpN2Ki5C_E This is clip 3.

Murder and Morality in Maqbool

RGV, Bharadwaj & the ‘underworld’ film: It is a stormy, windy Mumbai night. A pander draws a chawk, an astrological chart, on a car’s windowpane – the future forebodes ill. Soon after, someone is murdered [...]

From Guide to 2 States: Bollywood’s sporadic romance with Indian-English Fiction

2 States (Just Released)Love marriages around the world are simple:                                                                                                         Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. They get married.        In India, there are a few more steps:  Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.                                                                                    Girl’s family has to love boy. [...]


This is a challenge to myself – to see if I can write a post of less than 500 words!Since February, every post of mine has been longer than the last, with the one on [...]

Aparna Sen & the many hues of Love

Aparna Sen & the many hues of Love“There are many kinds of love, Mini… you are thinking of only one.”Author Chintan Nair says this to actor Mrinalini in Aparna Sen’s film Iti Mrinalini (An Unfinished [...]

Abhimaan: an all-time favourite!

“Isme tragedy hai, emotion hai, drama hai…” (This story has tragedy, emotion, drama) – No, I am not reminding you of Sholay’s famous dialogue, but actually giving you the example of a film which does [...]

6 Bollywood Heroes sing their Songs

Bollywood, as I pointed out in my last post, is the pan-Indian film industry; and there is no denying its power and reach. It is the most popular entertainment in India – a large part [...]

Tarun Majumdar

I want to celebrate ‘Indian Cinema’, I wrote in my inaugural post. Let me qualify by saying that by ‘Indian’ I mean Hindi and Bengali cinema. Hindi cinema is popularly known as ‘Bollywood’ and Bengali [...]

Of Posters and Songs

Calcutta, 1986. A big school bus, starting from Kankurgachi and making a long detour through Salt Lake, advanced towards Dum Dum Cantonment via V.I.P Road, Lake Town, Bangur and Nagerbajar - picking up 50 giggling, [...]