Kolkata Diaries

My like after relocating back to Kolkata after a decade in 2017.

Nita & Shankar

Is it possible to die again after one’s death? I believe it is. For, doesn’t one die a little more with each loved one joining the ranks of the dead? With each death, doesn’t one [...]

On Beauty

1 Dec 2020 - This is a post in response to one by Nandini Bhattacharya - which in turn was a response to a photograph of mine that I posted this morning, which elicited a [...]

Apu – Amal – Amit

16 Nov 2020 - The first time I wanted to marry was when I was nine. I attended a maternal uncle’s wedding (one among many in my childhood) and fell in love with my beautiful [...]

Snacks for Meals

29 Oct 2020 - “I keep writing shorter stuff to allay the hunger of my writer soul… but snacks can never stand in for full meals!” I wrote this to Saikat Majumdar in one of [...]

Privileged/Enabled Domestics

17 Oct 2020 - A full seven months into the pandemic, I have realised a new reality in India. While migrant workers have been the hardest hit, some of their cohorts in the city have [...]

6 Months of Online Teaching

28 Sept 2020 - In response to a post by writer Sudeep Chakravarti, asking for teachers among his Facebook friends to share their online teaching experience (and tips) with him, I jotted down some points [...]

400 Words a Day

11 Sept 2020 - “A 400 word day is a beautiful day” – thus spake Tanuj Solanki! This was sometime last year; and he wrote it in response to a post by Michelle D’costa, on [...]

An Intense Semester in 2018

Two years back, I headed a fledgling English Department for a Semester... after which I left the job. In those few months, I met the freshers (the only ones then at the new University) every [...]

‘Going’ to School…

Five whole months at home! When the first lockdown was announced for three weeks on March 22nd, it had seemed very long. And now, we have stayed indoors for more than twenty. The only time [...]

Till death do us part

3 August 2020  "Sometimes, I worry... if she dies first, what will happen to me?" This fear is voiced not by a spouse or partner, but by a sister -- in Tanuja Chandra's latest film, [...]