Kolkata Diaries

My like after relocating back to Kolkata after a decade in 2017.

Gorom Bhaat

29 July 2020 - I must confess that, when it comes to food, there’s nothing more visually appealing to me than a plate of steaming white rice – preferably on a white plate. Also, to [...]


12 July 2020 - Yesterday was not 'Mother's Day' or 'Women's Day', nor was it my Birthday or Ma's Birthday, or even her death anniversary - all the days on the calendar that I'm supposed [...]


27 June 2020 - Imagine this scenario: A son rushes to his home in Kolkata from the US to meet his dying mother, but misses her. After the period of mourning, he is about to head [...]


3 June 2020 - The electricity of the building was gone immediately after the storm hit Kolkata on 20th May. The balcony that serves as the entrance to their third floor apartment in Salt Lake [...]


29 May 2020 - She was about to leave after her interview, had already reached the door, when the Vice-Principal came in and announced that the Junior School Drawing teacher had left. Hearing that, the Principal [...]


6 May 2020 - “Kemon achho go, didi" (How are you), she asks me, with a smile, broom and bucket in hand, as I hand over the previous day’s garbage bag to her. I usually [...]

Shyambazarer Mashimuni

17 April 2020 - “Tell me a story”, Srishti says in her sweetest voice, late one night. She says so every night. I mostly oblige. She is usually all ears and full of questions. Also, [...]


3 April 2020 - There is only one word to sum up my experience of the last two weeks at home: exhausting! The official ‘lockdown’ in India started a week after our educational institutions closed [...]

When Home is Not Home

23 Mar 2020 - In economic terms, COVID-19 has hit the daily wage labourer the most. Concerned citizens have many legit questions: What will happen to their wage during the shutdown? Those who work as [...]

ICU Stepdown

17 Mar 2020 - “Time is in slow motion here. Every painful minute dragged out in 60 slow seconds. Every 30 minutes an eon, every hour an eternity. They are all laid out in rows [...]