Kolkata Diaries

My like after relocating back to Kolkata after a decade in 2017.

My First Two Readers

19 Jan 2020 - Sunday morning in Kolkata. Here's two of my first readers, reading GARIAHAT JUNCTION while basking in the winter sun. Reader 1: An 84-year old ex-professor of Physics, his monkey cap marking [...]

CIS -EYP 2019

8 Dec 2019 - The Calcutta International School EYP (The End of Year Production) 2019 - THE MAGICAL TAPESTRY - was quite an extravaganza. Held at the beautiful Science City Auditorium on the 6th, it [...]


5 Dec 2019 - Last Friday, I took Srishti to the annual function of 'Choopkatha' at the Rabindra Okakura Bhavan, Salt Lake. Helmed by veteran theatre artist, Dolly Basu, ‘Choopkatha’ is a theatre group that [...]

My Peers at SNU

24 Nov 2019 - This photograph - with two of my former SNU colleagues - was taken in October 2018. It was a random photo, but it came out very well, with us looking a [...]

Experiencing Pain at Seven

12 Nov 2019 - Srishti was very sad today. Her 1st best friend broke up with her 2nd best friend in school. She tried to patch up the “brokening”. It didn’t work. At first, I [...]

No ‘Nari Shakti’ please!

20 Sept 2019 - Ma Durga is coming to town... how do you know? You have hoardings everywhere of Sourav Ganguly sharing banner space with the latest Tollywood beauties (and MPs) who (try to) impersonate [...]

Kajal di

5 Sept 2019 - When I joined Presidency College in November 1992, as a student of English Honours, I had joined with my own baggage of historical knowledge about the institution. I knew all about [...]

Srishti’s Summer

23 June 2019 - Srishti had a filmi summer. Five weeks of being mostly in Kolkata in this sweltering heat meant being indoors for at least half the day. She did get to “explore” her [...]

Doctor & Patient

8 June 2019 - He comes punctually at 9 am at the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) office in Kankurgachi - Ward no. 32, under Borough III. He has been a ‘Medical Officer’ since 2006, though [...]

Chumki Maima

7 June 2019 - Today a childhood memory of mine suddenly re-surfaced - that of a wedding I had attended in early June 1983. It was the wedding of one of my mother’s cousins - [...]