Kolkata Diaries

My like after relocating back to Kolkata after a decade in 2017.

Amader Baul

4 Nov 2018 - He still comes twice a month - ektara in hand, dishevelled hair tied back in a jumbled knot, beard flowing down to his chest, clad in a 'gerua' punjabi and dhoti, [...]


28 Oct 2018 - It'd exactly 15 months that I've relocated back to Kolkata after a decade in the Netherlands. "Tho' much is taken, much abides." I realize that these Tennysonian lines are true for [...]

Srishti’s year: Feb to Oct, 2018

12 Feb 2018 - "Srishti Sandilya is our new V.I.P of the week. She was born in Netherlands and moved to India just last year. She is a gentle and soft spoken child. Srishti shared [...]

Back from the Jaws of Death

18 March 2018 - Today, after 5 weeks, Sunday was a day of rest. Since 10th Feb, we have been through a nightmare with my father's health. We initially admitted him into a nursing home, [...]

Back to Presidency

4 Feb 2018 - I started teaching as Guest Faculty in the English Department of Presidency University a day after I relocated back to Kolkata last summer. In the initial weeks I was racked with [...]