This is a challenge to myself – to see if I can write a post of less than 500 words!

Since February, every post of mine has been longer than the last, with the one on Aparna Sen’s films (earlier this month)becoming almost a mini-thesis with close to 4,000 words! I guess, I’m still in the scholar-mode of writing…. to change that & ease my transition on the web from scholar to blogger, I thought of imitating the cinematic device of the ‘trailer’! So here goes… 


COMING SOON, this month!

From Guide to 2 States: Bollywood’s sporadic affair with Indian-English Fiction

Maqbool & Omkara: Bharadwaj’s unique tribute to the Bard 

In May:

Ray’s “Our Films, Their Films”

Ray on Tagore

The Poet in our Midst: Charulata 2011 & Tasher Desh

Chitrangada: The Crowning Achievement of Ghosh